Budget Billing

At AA Propane in California, MO, we care about your need for sustainable fuel. We designed this program to help you plan your bills during the winter, which is the peak season for extra expenses like taxes and holidays.

Now, you can pay for delivery services throughout the year without the risk of receiving penalties. You can start the budget billing program at the end of the cold weather season when your usage slows down. This way, your propane is paid for prior to your delivery, rather than having an extra bill coming in after you receive your propane. You will never get behind.

Your budget payment is based on the last 12 months’ usage. We will calculate your monthly payment amount using the number of gallons you used over the last 12 months at 5% above the current propane price (to allow for price fluctuation) divided by 12.

We will also figure in your sales tax to minimize the chance of having a remaining balance due at the end of the 12-month billing period. This makes it easier for you because you are making the same payment amount for 12 consecutive months.

Each year, we will recalculate payments and make adjustments according to price changes and your usage. Budget payments are due by the 10th of each month, with the first payment due on April 10.


From June 1 to July 31, you can prebuy propane at a discounted rate per gallon. This program helps you save or sustain your money during the holidays or tax season when you have extra expenses. Don’t let propane delivery add to your costs. Pay for it early on and have no worries.

The way we calculate your prebuy is simple. First, you decide how many gallons you would like to purchase based on previous years’ usage. Then, we multiply the number of gallons by prebuy price, and add 2% to cover the sales tax.

You want to order 500 gallons at the current price of $1.439.

500 x $1.439 per Gallon = $719.50
$719.50 x 2% Sales Tax = $14.39
$719.50 + $14.39 Sales Tax = $733.89 Total Prebuy Cost





You can purchase propane from June 1 to July 31 for use during the winter months. It’s as easy as deciding how many gallons you would like to contract based on previous years’ usage.

We will put you under contract to protect you from price surges. If there is a decrease in market value, we will pass on our savings to you by breaking your contract. This has been our practice over the last several years.

Your current contract price is $1.279, and the current residential price is $1.219. You will pay $0.06 less per gallon than your contract price.


This contract aims to protect you from upsurges during peak usage months. If prices are to fall, we will share our savings with you by breaking your contract as practiced.

You order a delivery of propane with a contract price of $1.059. However, the current agricultural/commercial price is $0.989. We will sell you the propane for $0.989, so you could save $0.06 per gallon.

Energy Assistance Program Provider

AA Propane is a proud provider for LP energy assistance customers. We work with all local programs to make sure each customer’s needs are met. Call for more details.


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