Residential & Commercial Propane Programs

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is designed to help customers get ahead and stay ahead of a propane bill. Instead of worrying about paying for propane, taxes and holiday gifts, Budget Billing allows you to build a nest egg of funds for propane.

Each year, we review your previous usage, determine the number of gallons you need and lock you into a price that does NOT move up and down with market conditions.


Prebuy allows you to purchase a set number of gallons at a discounted rate during spring and summer months. Payment is made in full at the submission of your contract. The rate you purchase the prebuy at is the rate you will pay for the duration of the gallons. Deliveries under this contract begin after September 1. 




With our residential propane programs, you can purchase propane in the spring for use during the winter months. It’s as easy as deciding how many gallons you would like to contract based on your previous years’ usage. Only 10% of the total contracted price is due upon submission of the contract.

This contract will protect you from price surges. If there is a decrease in market value, we will pass on our savings to you by breaking your contract. This has been our practice over the last several years.



This contract aims to protect you from upsurges during peak usage months. 


4-Pay Program

This Program is for customers that want to pay for their gallons before they get them but aren’t ready to make a payment in full. Customers are able to lock in their rate with a 25% down payment, and paying 25% each month following. These gallons are used until depleted.


Energy Assistance Program Provider

AA Propane is a proud provider for LP energy assistance customers. We work with all local programs to make sure each customer’s needs are met. 


To benefit our customers, we have begun using monitors. This device sits on the top of your tank and plugs into the gauge. With a monitor, we are able to see your tank percentage in our office and you are able to download the Nee-Vo app to track your tank percentage. You also have the option to order propane right from the app. 

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